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Know were your people are thanks to gps technology and instant locator


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Imagine that your children are out and would like to let you know where they are. With instant-locator they can connect with our platform with their iphone (GPS enabled) via our app (available here with an iphone) and their position is automatically recorded on our database. So with your login and password you are able to see the last recorded GPS positions on a map!

Imagine you find a great place and you would like to record its GPS position. This is possible in a few clicks with instant-locator. The position will be saved on our database. When you are home you will be able to check the position on the web and visualize it via your account. You can also use our app to find a place you would like to go to. Please have a look to examples below.

But Instant-Locator is much more than that. If your are a company managing a large number of GPS enabled phone devices you will find in Instant-Locator a set of very powerful geo tracking and reporting tools. Please have a look to the description of our services.

The App is no more available at Applestore. We do not accept anymore new single customer. For professionnal use, please contact us for a proposal.

Examples and Screenshots on Iphone

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